Planet Earth for Foodies: We Welcome You & Your Empty Stomach!

Luscious mangos grow abundantly in our deep seas, their trees nesting close to the tangled vines of sour green grapes that thrive in the salt-water climate. Diving is not only a trek into the wilderness but also an edible adventure into nature’s cuisines. Many of our experts combine the fertile strength of the grapes with rice wine through years of preservation – the results are out of this world!

In the summer, the African plains are saturated in a flavor of pomegranate cider – a sweet and syrupy aroma that encourage its inhabitants rise with the sun and practice productively. Meanwhile, their neighbors in Europe dine exquisitely on steaming rice pudding and raw honey drizzled onto pears. They have rather picky appetites and strictly ban products like tomato soup and can openers. Unfortunately, we have never found out why.

In the chilly climate of the Himalayas, the backpackers store up on Wonder Bread sandwiches in their ice caves. Occasionally, they slather crisp cucumbers and slices of boiled eggs onto their breads and watch national football from their 1960’s television sets.

From the sun-dried canyons of Kazakhstan, barley grows in tall golden stalks that are later harvested to decorate local villages or fried with in a cabbage and peanut butter mix. Topped with paprika, the ethnic dish is bright and charismatic and surely will impress one’s future guests. Come visit for additional presentation tips.

The flatlands of America make it the prime location for spicy noodles and its annual festivals that ensue. Found only in the bitter winter, spicy noodles are a comforting commodity responsible for the security of a nation. Served with your choice of a dainty lemon slice or butterscotch chips, the heat of the noodles warm up the coldest of days.

Regardless of your taste palette, Planet Earth will surely have something for you. Whether salty or sweet, crumbly or sun-drenched, the cuisine of our people have never failed to excite unique reactions from outsiders.

Prompt: Planet for Sale: Humanity has decided to change planets and needs to sell Earth. You’ve been hired to put it on the market. How do you advertise it and what’s the price tag? Make a flyer announcing the sale. If you’d like, make similar flyers for other planets in the solar system or a made up planet of your choice.

Authors Note: Rather then selling Planet Earth, here is hopefully comedic and appetizing mix of why you should come to earth and eat haha…I wrote this with inspiration from my tiny college pantry and now I really want to eat black bean noodles…. Thanks for reading! Nysha




3 thoughts on “Planet Earth for Foodies: We Welcome You & Your Empty Stomach!

  1. *piteous groans ensue* I-I really should have waited to reread this until after I ate dinner… I think I’m now at least twice as hungry as I was before. So 10/10 for that, and kudos and Girl Scout cookies to you for all those lovely and sometimes odd food/food combos and food/location pairings! Did you research foods and produce specific to each country? Or was it more of a mix and match method? I’m curious about the juxtaposition of the spicy noodles and America, especially with the butterscotch cookies. What was your inspiration for that?

    By the way, my favorite lines were about the prohibition of the tomato soup and can openers–those two sentences made me smile. Also, I could totally picture this as a commercial, the kind with amazing landscape footage and appealing music and a tour guide advertising for a tour.


    1. lol i’m always hungry so i can understand
      i have an food inspiration list haha and i used that + a little research on geography but overall it was a mix/match pairing, the cuisine & the locations have no relation whatsoever at least to my knowledge 🙂

      haha that’s funny that you ask!
      the spicy noodles and butterscotch chips were actually two items in my tiny tiny college pantry

      now i’m really craving spicy noodles (i’m currently stuck at the airport because i missed my flight and basically anything sounds appetizing right now) maybe if i continue to write about food it will appease my appetite

      thank you eunice! i had a fun time reading your comment!



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